Roger Shult UF-1 Universal FilterRoger Shult UF-1 Universal Filter

RS Universalfilter UF1


10-ти полосный параметрический двух канальный мастеринг эквалайзер, stereo / mid-side / dual mono

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Описание товара

The fully analogue filter system UF1 with integrated M/S-matrix is a versatile processing tool for Stereo- and M/S-signals in mastering environments.

The unique operating principle of UF1 allows the weighting of all variables in the frequency-domain. Beside, it lets you localize and position any single sound source within the stereo image. Fading-in/out of particular musical instruments and voices without affecting overall signal quality — its easily done with the high-precision filter units of UF1.

UF1 is capable of splitting any stereo signal into its sum and side signals to process these signals separately by 10 fully parametric equalizers. The system comprises control units for stereo base and a filter of 36dB/oct for vinyl cut. Any filter unit can be activated/deactivated by Solo switches — frequency and Q-factor are controlled by high-precision ELMA-switches and can be reproduced instantly.



Roger Schult