Dangerous 2-BusDangerous 2-Bus

Dangerous 2-Bus


16-ти канальный сумматор

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Описание товара

Digital Audio Workstations have taken over the world of  recording and there is no going back. While we all embrace  the wonderful benefits of the computer-based workflow, we also have to deal with the issues and limitations of digital recording and mixing.

The Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing mixer was created  to bring back the analog sound quality you’ve been craving in your digital audio environment, while maintaining the fast workflow and recall capabilities we all depend on. 16 channels in, 2 channels out, one great sounding mix.

• The Choice of Top Mix Engineers Worldwide
• Incredible Imaging
• More Punch and Detail
• Unbelievable Headroom
• Integrate Your Analog Gear into the modern DAW studio



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